Empowering Pharma Sales: Ziyech India Path to Success with Enablr

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Enhancing Pharma Marketing Efficiency with Enablr

Ziyech India, a leading pharmaceutical marketing firm, initially faced significant limitations with their existing platform. While utilising tablet-based solutions for visual ads, they encountered a critical deficiency in analytical reporting. This absence of robust reporting capabilities severely hindered their ability to gauge the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and optimise their strategies accordingly.


Upon recognizing the challenges faced by Ziyech India, Vistaar Digital stepped in to provide a comprehensive solution tailored to their needs. Transitioning from their previous platform to Enablr, our cutting-edge eDetailing platform on the cloud, Ziyech India gained access to a suite of features designed to enhance their marketing efforts.

Key features and solutions provided:

1. Dynamic Content Showcase: Enablr enabled Ziyech India to seamlessly present their diverse range of products using tablet-based solutions. The intuitive interface and brand selector feature facilitated efficient navigation, allowing representatives to showcase relevant offerings to healthcare professionals with ease.

2. Advanced Analytics: Addressing the critical need for analytical insights, Enablr's robust analytics module provided Ziyech India with comprehensive data on engagement metrics, customer preferences, and campaign performance. Real-time analytics empowered them to make informed decisions and refine their strategies based on actionable insights.

3. Customized Solutions: Recognizing the unique requirements of Ziyech India, Vistaar Digital provided tailored training sessions and ongoing support to ensure a smooth transition to Enablr. Our team collaborated closely with Ziyech India to customize the platform according to their specific needs, ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness.


The implementation of Enablr yielded transformative results for Ziyech India:

1. Enhanced Reporting Capabilities: With Enablr's advanced analytics, Ziyech India gained access to comprehensive reporting capabilities, filling the critical gap that existed with their previous platform. They could now accurately measure the impact of their marketing efforts, track engagement metrics, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their strategies.

2. Improved Efficiency and Effectiveness: Enablr's intuitive interface and dynamic content showcase streamlined Ziyech India's visual ads, resulting in increased efficiency and effectiveness in their interactions with healthcare professionals. Representatives could deliver more personalized and impactful visual ads, leading to greater engagement and receptiveness.

3. Optimized Marketing Strategies: Armed with actionable insights from Enablr's analytics, Ziyech India was able to refine their marketing strategies in real time. They could identify areas for improvement, adjust their approaches accordingly, and maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns, ultimately driving greater success in their marketing endeavours.

In summary, implementation of Enablr Sales platform enabled Ziyech India to overcome the limitations of their previous platform, empowering them with advanced reporting capabilities and tools to enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and success in their pharma marketing efforts.