Edetailing software for insurance companies

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Transform your Insurance Agent field force with powerful eDetailing software

Vistaar’s eDetailing software is ideal for the Insurance companies and insurance selling agents to engage with their customers.

eDetailing, also known as electronic detailing, enables your Insurance agents to present their content in an interactive and engaging way to individuals, families and businesses.

Vistaar Digital has been working hand-in-hand with Insurance companies at every stage, in helping Insurance Agent Field Force make a smooth transition into paperless detailing.

Ipad screen

eDetailing for Insurance Companies

eDetailing means digitizing Insurance sales content and displaying it on a mobile device.

Insurance agents & third-party insurance sellers will use an eDetailer to make presentations to potential customers.

eDetailing usually occurs through one-to-one calls, though presentations to small groups of individuals / families is also common practice. eDetailing is also known as electronic visits, e-visits, iPad detailing, CLM detailing, electronic detailing, insurance detailing and other terms. eDetailing has largely replaced the paper-based communications used to ‘detail’ or explain insurance products to individuals in the past. While digital presentations were initially shown on laptop computers, the introduction of the iPad and Android tablets enabled a more engaging experience — as insurance agents could hand the device to individuals for increased interaction. This benefit led to the widespread adoption of eDetailing using mobile devices in the insurance industry.

Today, eDetailing is often combined with other channels, including: approved email, remote engagement, and on-demand self-service systems. This multichannel approach enables increasing sophistication in how eDetaiing is used, with sessions carefully sequenced to take place at moments when they provide the most value to insurance seekers.

Enablr edetailing software for insurance companies

With Enablr, you will get right in your hand a powerful tool to boost your Insurance sales. Get a birds eye view of all insurance agents, presentations, schedules at one place.